HB 369 – Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Inclusion Bill (The “Unfairness Act”)

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House Bill 369, the bill to expand special rights to individuals based on their sexual preferences and practices, has been scheduled for proponent (supporter) testimony in the House Civil Justice Committee on Tuesday, February 4, at 2:00 p.m. House Bill 369 is unnecessary and dangerous to people of faith, their businesses (think the cake bakers and photographers), and to our churches and houses of worship. Please contact the committee members, especially if they are your representative for your home area, and ask they respectfully discontinue hearings on this measure. Especially onerous is a provision requiring “educational programming” in schools and the general public to teach about the “origins of prejudice” against the sexually dysfunctional (LGBT, etc.). Three guesses as to where the blame for such “prejudice” will be focused-that’s right: on people of faith and on Christianity. HB 369 should not move forward.

From Friday 5 – January 31, 2020

The House version of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Inclusion Bill (HB 369), The “Un-Fairness Act” was allowed sponsor testimony in the House Civil Justice Committee on Tuesday. Co-lead sponsors Rep. Mike Skindell, Democrat from Cleveland and Rep. Brett Hillyer, Republican from Tuscawaras County, shared their reason for introducing the bill, which amounted to using the bill’s provisions to force businesses, schools and private facilities to embrace the alphabet-soup LGBTQIA++ sexual confusion agenda. Those whose express deeply-held Biblical views toward sexuality in their businesses would be subject to investigation by a state agency for “discrimination.” An “educational” component requires schoolchildren to learn about the “origins of discrimination” against the alphabet-soup gang, where it would not be surprising to have such “education” be designed to make Biblical Christian beliefs the source of all animus toward the sexually confused in our culture. Call Chairman Steve Hambley requesting this bill be put aside and not brought back up for the remainder of the 133rd Assembly.

From Friday 5 – November 22, 2019

Thursday saw the introduction of the House version of the “Ohio Fairness Act” a bill to require businesses and other public accomodations to acquiesce to the LGBTQ agenda through the Civil Rights Commission. It is identical in language to Senate Bill 11, which has not moved in the Ohio Senate since the beginning of the year. House Bill 369 is a direct attack on religious freedom, and would mandate the access of men identifying as women to be able to legally utilize women’s facilities, including restrooms, changing areas, showers, shelters, etc. Pro-Family groups have named this the “Ohio UNFairness Act” a more fitting sobriquet. HB 369 has 39 co-sponsors–the entire House Democrat causus of 38 members and one lone Repubilican as a co-lead sponsor: freshman Rep. Brett Hillyer of the 98th District in Tuscawaras County. It has not yet been assigned to a committee for hearings.

From Friday 5 – October 18, 2019