Noteworthy News – June 25, 2020

Was It All for This? The Failure of the Conservative Legal Movement

Contact Tracing for Religious Services

The Sexual Roots of Civil Rebellion and Its Youth Victims
Research Using Cells of Illicit Origin and Vaccines from Fetal Tissue

Illinois Forces Churches and Christian Businesses to Fund Killing Babies in Abortions

Special Report: The Truth Behind BLM
Trump admin clarifies Planned Parenthood ineligible for coronavirus relief money

International Widows Day – China Tries to Force Widow to Renounce Her Faith
NIH Approves 70 New Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines For Use in Federally Funded Research

Big Pharma Company Stops Using Cell Line Derived From Aborted Baby in Polio Vaccines
A Different Type of COVID-19 Death

A Tale of Two Epidemics: When COVID-19 and Opioid Addiction Collide
Say No to Governor DeWine’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing Plan

Noteworthy News – May 20, 2020

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Slams CDC For Inaccurate Reporting On COVID Deaths

Federal Judge Blocks North Carolina Governor’s Restrictions on Church Services

So Far, No Spike in Coronavirus in Places Reopening, U.S. Health Secretary Says
Trump’s Plan to Fast-Track Coronavirus Vaccines Raises Serious Moral, Safety Issues: Pro-life Experts

USAID Head to UN Secretary General: Stop Peddling Abortion as COVID-19 Relief
We Can’t Let Coronavirus Fear Paralyze Our Society. Time to Resume Public Masses

The Abortion Wars Are a Big Reason Why People Don’t Trust the Government on Coronavirus. Here’s why.
Abortion Lobby’s Pandemic Push: Urges FDA to Lift Restrictions on Chemical Abortions: Pro-lifers warn of dire consequences.

Children and Transgenderism
Planned Parenthood Affiliates Improperly Applied For And Received $80 Million in Coronavirus Stimulus Funds, Feds Say
Chinese Communist Party ‘The Biggest and Most Serious Virus of All’: Exiled Human Rights Activist

Abortion Lobby’s Pandemic Push: Urges FDA to Lift Restrictions on Chemical Abortions–Pro-lifers Warn of Dire Consequences.

Noteworthy News – April 28, 2020

Nurses Nationwide Pray to Jesus on Hospital Rooftops

Pell Conviction Quashed

With Virus Front and Center, Watch for Tricks from Sexual Left
In Such a Time as This: What’s Inside Children’s Books?

Amy Acton Guesses Wrong, and Ohioans Pay the Price
Michigan Gov. Whitmer Declares Abortion a ‘Life-Sustaining’

ServiceCatholic Hospitals Under Attack
Pro-Life Leaders Call for Coronavirus Vaccine Without Abortion Ties

Changes in United States Data Following the New CDC Guidelines on “Case” and “Death” Definition — We encourage you to use this website to track the data!
The Ends Never Justify the Means: The Immorality of Indefinite Lockdowns

Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline Gets Record Number of Calls During COVID-19 Panic
Chinese Communist Party ‘The Biggest and Most Serious Virus of All’: Exiled Human Rights Activist

Abortion Lobby’s Pandemic Push: Urges FDA to Lift Restrictions on Chemical Abortions–Pro-lifers Warn of Dire Consequences.

Noteworthy News – January 8, 2020

200 Members Of Congress Are Urging The Supreme Court To Reconsider Roe v. Wade

Trump Administration Investigating Christmas Decor Ban

2019: A Year of Historic Judicial Confirmations

Full Appeals Court Considers Abortion Law

Michael Moore: ‘White People Have Not Changed…You Should Be Afraid Of Them’

Billboards Pop Up Around Virginia Amid Second Amendment Uprising: Bloomberg Gun Confiscation Starts In 2 Weeks

Family Forward: Making Adoption Costs More Manageable

BREAKING: Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Gets Settlement From CNN After $275 Million Lawsuit

Science Answers the Biggest Pro-Abortion Argument

Noteworthy News – December 26, 2019

Holy Jolliness: ‘Santa School’ Offers Training in Tradition of St. Nicholas

VIDEO: Young Boy Invites Entire Kindergarten Class to His Adoption Hearing

UPDATE: Judge Drops Five Felony Charges Against Journalist Who Exposed Planned Parenthood

UK Medical Authority Rules Christian Doctor Allowed to Pray with Patients

WaPo Insults Readers’ Intelligence with Illiterate Pro-Abortion Screed About Sperm Funerals

Ectopic Extremes? Pro-lifers Say Proposed Ohio Law Would Not Force Doctors to Do the Impossible

Noteworthy News – December 4, 2019

U.S. Bishops: Abortion Should Be Catholic Voters’ Top Priority. Here’s Why They’re Right

Redefining Medicine, Redefining Family

U.S. Bishops’ Pro-Life Chairman Joins Pro-Life Coalition in Asking President to Oppose Amendment Enriching Global Abortion Providers

Louisiana AG: Abortion Center Broke the Law, Then Tried to Cover it Up

Cowardice And Capitulation: Some Shocking Things Chick-Fil-A Funds

The Deadly Dance of Perfectionism: How the Rhetoric of Family Planning Hurts Children

VIDEO:  Fr. Copenhagen on the Use of Vaccines with Aborted Fetal Tissue

FOX Football Announcer Reveals on Live TV: Ohio State’s J.K. Dobbins Almost Aborted, But Became Mom’s Miracle

Why Is It O.K. to Insult a Pregnant Lady? Apparently, ‘Diversity’ Has Its Limits

What Led to the Emancipation Proclamation & the 13th Amendment?

Noteworthy News – November 13, 2019

Planned Parenthood Swings and Misses

Pediatrician Calls to End Experimental Child Abuse

SURVEY: 84% Of Dutch Pediatricians Want Euthanasia For Kids

Pearl, Mississippi, Takes The First Step In Becoming A Sanctuary For Life

Video: What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

Use and Abuse: The Exploitative Reality of Surrogacy and Egg Donation

Pro-Family Groups Petition US Bishops to Stop Funding Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBT Organizations

Noteworthy News – November 2, 2019

You Can Now Access All Existing US Abortion Data in One Place Thanks to Pro-Life Org

What You Need to Know About the “Drag Queen” Indoctrination of Children in Your Public Libraries

Zombie vs. Bigfoot: The Mythology of American Monsters

2020 Census: Avoiding Fraud and Scams

“Deaths of Despair” – Life Expectancy for Men is on the Decline

San Francisco Puts 22 States on Blacklist for Restrictive Abortion Laws

Products That Use Aborted Fetuses

Ivanka Trump Meets Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian to Discuss Parental Leave

The Latest Technology to Help You Track Your Fertility with Confidence