HB 407 – “Enact Clinician Integrity & Medical Accuracy Act”

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A new measure has been introduced by two Democrat members of the House: Representatives Alison Russo and Beth Liston, both are members of the House Health Committee, introduced HB 407 this week. The “Enact Clinician Integrity and Medical Accuracy Act” would work to allow medical providers to ignore state and local laws if they judge the requirement not to be “medically accurate” defined in the bill as information, etc. approved by the American Medical Association (an industry trade lobby) or other national and international medical trade associations. HB 407 is targeted against innovative practices related to the abortion reversal pill and the data that is growing about the connection between abortion and breast cancer prevalence and PTSD symptoms. It has yet to be assigned to committee.

From Friday 5 – November 15, 2019