HB 413 – Life at Conception Act

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Life at Conception-the Ohio House is recessing for the primary election break and won’t likely be back until the week of March 16 th (the Presidential Primary is March 17 th). We hope you are planning to Vote!. The Life at Conception Act, HB 413, did not get a hearing scheduled before the House Criminal Justice Committee yet. Please remember to call your representative, and members of the committee, to respectfully ask they put HB 413 on the agenda for full hearings. You can find your House members contact information  here.

From Friday 5 – February 21, 2020

Life at Conception- House Bill 413   is still not scheduled for hearings next week. Please continue to reach out to House Criminal Justice Committee Chairman George  Lang  and respectfully request that hearings are given to this vital pro-life bill. Also, consider calling members of the committee and encourage them to have Chairman Lang give HB 413 hearings, whose contact information can be found  here .

From Friday 5 – February 14, 2020

Life at Conception-the House Criminal Justice Committee canceled their scheduled hearings for this week, however, House Bill 413 was not added to the schedule. It is unsure, as of this writing, if the committee will be meeting next Thursday, so please keep calling Chairman George Lang’s office at 614-466-8550 and respectfully request he schedule the Life at Conception legislation for hearings this month.

From Friday 5 – February 7, 2020

Life at Conception-House Bill 413, sponsored by Rep. Candice Keller and Rep. Ron Hood, was assigned to the House Criminal Justice Committee in November. The chairman, Rep. George Lang, has not yet scheduled the bill for testimony. Coincidentally, Rep. Lang is running against Rep. Keller for the nomination to fill the Second Senate District seat in Butler County. We hope politics hasn’t been the reason why HB 413 has been prevented from having hearings to this point! Please start calling the Committee chairman and respectfully ask that he move to schedule hearings on HB 413 soon!

From Friday 5 – January 31, 2020

As expected, there is ongoing debate in the social media realm over HB 413. However, much of the criticism is around why is the bill over 700 pages in length, when other states’ bills (like Oklahoma’s) are much smaller. There are two answers to that:

1) Ohio has been regulating abortions since 1974, and with HB 413’s elimination of the legality of abortion, those regulations are to be repealed.

2) HB 413 ties practicing abortion to the state’s murder and aggravated murder penalties, and those sections of law were repeated in the bill per Ohio legislative construction, as the code sections being created in HB 413 need to be added to those existing criminal statute sections. The effective changes of HB 413 are actually only 4 pages long. Sometimes, when you want to do it right, it requires a lot more language than you expect.

From Friday 5 – November 29, 2019

The Life at Conception Act (LAC), House Bill 413, has been formally assigned to the House Criminal Justice Committee for hearings. As this bill eliminates abortion as a legal procedure and subjects practitioners who would continue to attempt to perform the grisly (under LAC, illegal) act to Ohio’s existing statutory penalties for murder, this is the proper committee to hear the debate. The 13 member committee is chaired by Representative George Lang of Butler County. The members of the committee are: Republicans Vice Chairman Phil Plummer (a co-sponsor of LAC), Jim Butler (Speaker Pro-Tem), Robert Cupp (former Ohio Supreme Court Justice), Diane Grendell, Don Manning, Bill Seitz, and Todd Smith (a co-sponsor of LAC); Democrats: Ranking member Dave Leland, Jon Crossman, Tavia Galonski, John Rogers, and Thomas West. I encourage you to call or email both Chairman Lang and at least one other member of the committee (your own Representative or one who represents an area close to you) asking for HB 413 to be scheduled for hearings before the year end.

From Friday 5 – November 22, 2019

Today, House Bill 413 was formally introduced and given its first reading in the Ohio House of Representatives; this bill is the Life at Conception Act, which will prohibit abortions in Ohio. That’s correct: prohibit, not regulate. House Bill 413 eliminates the “regulatory framework” that props up the abortion industry in Ohio and makes performing an abortion a felony tied to criminal murder statute penalties. The bill has 21 Sponsors: Co-lead Sponsors Representatives Candice Keller of Middletown and Ron Hood of Ashville and Co-Sponsors Niraj Antani of Miamisburg, John Becker of Clermont County, Tom Brinkman of Cincinnati, Paul Zeltwanger of Mason, Jena Powell of Laura, Bill Dean of Xenia, Susan Manchester of Lakeview, Tracy Richardson of Maryscille, Mark Romanchuk of Mansfield, Darrell Kick of Loudonville, Todd Smith of Germantown, Nino Vitale of Urbana, Jon Cross of Kenton, Craig Riedel of Defiance, Tim Ginter of Salem, Derek Merrin of Monclova, Phil Plummer of Dayton, Kris Jordan of Ostrander and Riordan McClain of Upper Sandusky. Please reach out and thank these bracve and stalwart Pro-Life Champions. If your representative isn’t on this list, please call them and respectfully ask them to support the passage of this measure as it moves through the legislative process.

From Friday 5 – November 15, 2019

The official co-sponsor request for members of the Ohio House to join in supporting the introduction of the Life at Conception Act has been circulated. Members have until Nov. 12 to sign on. As of today, the following members are co-sponsors: Candice Keller (lead sponsor), Ron Hood (co-lead sponsor), Jena Powell, Niraj Antani, John Becker, Jon Cross, Nino Vitale, Tom Brinkman, Craig Riedel, and Susan Manchester. If you don’t see your state Representative’s name on this list, please take a moment to call their office (or cell if you have it) and ask them to join in co-sponsoring this ultimate Pro-Life legislation!

From Friday 5 – November 8, 2019

A CALL FOR FALL: The Right to Life Action Coalition is working with Representative Candice Keller to introduce the Life at Conception legislation for the 133rd General Assembly. The bill would outlaw abortion entirely and provide criminal penalties for providers who attempt to perform abortions (surgical or chemical) after the enactment of the law. The bill would protect women who are forced, defrauded, or coerced into submitting to an abortion, and provides whistleblower protections for personnel who provide evidence to convict medical providers of violating the law. Please contact your member of the Ohio House of Representatives TODAY and respectfully ask them to join as a Co-Sponsor on this ultimate Life-affirming legislation!

From Friday 5 – November 1, 2019