HB 431 – Create Sexual Exploitation Database

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In a case of strange bedfellows, there was an interesting occurrence during Wednesday’s testimony on   House Bill 431   in the House Criminal Justice Committee to create the Sexual Exploitation Database in order to lessen the demand for prostitution, which is a key hub of human trafficking.  However, pro-abortion group United for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE, what an acronym!)   testified   in opposition to a measure to protect women and girls from sexual exploitation (see under Feb. 26 tab on the page). They actually stated that “sex work needs to be de-stigmatized and sex work must be decriminalized” and they believed “commercial sex work” (i.e. prostitution) should be made “safer” and that this measure to publicly identify those who would pay for illegal sexual services might harm the industry! Hmmm…I wonder which industry they are REALLY worried about negatively impacting? Planned Parenthood, perhaps?

From Friday 5 – February 28, 2020