SB 11 – Ohio Fairness Act

Thursday saw the introduction of the House version of the “Ohio Fairness Act” a bill to require businesses and other public accomodations to acquiesce to the LGBTQ agenda through the Civil Rights Commission. It is identical in language to Senate Bill 11, which has not moved in the Ohio Senate since the beginning of the year. House Bill 369 is a direct attack on religious freedom, and would mandate the access of men identifying as women to be able to legally utilize women’s facilities, including restrooms, changing areas, showers, shelters, etc. Pro-Family groups have named this the “Ohio UNFairness Act” a more fitting sobriquet. HB 369 has 39 co-sponsors–the entire House Democrat causus of 38 members and one lone Repubilican as a co-lead sponsor: freshman Rep. Brett Hillyer of the 98th District in Tuscawaras County. It has not yet been assigned to a committee for hearings.

From Friday 5 – October 18, 2019